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Native Links

Sources for Grants and Funding

Urban Indian Health Programs and Clinics

Domestic Violence Hotlines and Shelters by State

Minority Business Links to Federal and State Contracts

Links to assistance and advice for the elderly

Native Links

 HopeLine If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, or call 911, your local hotline, or the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233(SAFE) and TTY 1-800-787-3224.

If you think your activities are being monitored, find a safe computer that someone abusive does not have direct or remote access to. To leave this site quickly, use the Escape button.

Needy Meds - FREE Prescription Drugs for the Low Income Elderly - This site is designed to provide information about patient assistance programs which provide no cost prescription medications to eligible participants. "This works, I was able to get Free meds for my Mother" Nativechat admin.
Free Eyeglasses New Eyes for the Needy purchases prescription eyeglasses for indigent Americans through a well-established voucher program. Eligible clients can receive a voucher through a social service agency or a school nurse, or directly from our office. Clients can present a New Eyes voucher to any participating local optical dispenser, who fits the client with the proper prescription eyeglasses. The dispenser then receives reimbursement directly from New Eyes.
AOA - Administration on Aging Compendium of Grant Resources for Native American Elders' Programs.   Information on support sources for programs that assist our living ancestors.
AIROS - American Indian Radio On Satellite.   Continuous feed of Native American music and talk radio is available to anyone with RealAudio (available free by following links on this site).
Angelfire - A web site devoted to the indigenous peoples of Louisiana.  Includes cultural and genealogy information.
Bedime - An Iroquois bedtime story.
Broken Threads - Has links to genealogical resources as well as a to special interest areas like astronomy.
Cherokee History - Cherokee Nations History web site..
CLCPC - Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee.
Cost of Living Calculator, Compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. cities, a handy tool if your moving
Crazy Crow - Crazy Crow Trading Post offers just about everything you need for traditional crafts and regalia.  Their 96-page full color catalog costs $3 but is well worth it.


ElkDreamer - Lakota stories, culture and music by David Little Elk. Very nice graphics. - Holding Politicians Accountable if you want to know if a politician is telling the truth on an issue this is the place to go for real credible facts.
First People - A Tribute To The First People Of The Americas. Welcome to my web site, dedicated to all First People of the America's (Turtle Island). This is an educational site and constantly growing.
FNIP - First Nation Information Project's links page.  An excellent list of links to resources related to Canadian native peoples and issues.
Great Chiefs - The Great Chiefs & Leaders page offers pictures and biographical information on some of our most famous leaders.
ICT - Indian Country Today Online. Website for the native newspaper.
Leech Lake - Leech Lake Ojibwe Nation tribal web site.
MHS - Ojibway/Chippewa page of the Minnesota Historical Society.
Mi`kMaq - Interesting links to Mi`kMaq people, culture and history.
MoonBear Pottery & Indian Arts  Welcome I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, first drawing and painting, then on to clay and bronze work. I use personal experiences and my Native American culture to draw my ideas from. I carve stories and patterns into the pots to create the images. Each pot is like a blank canvas. I try to express my heritage on the surface.
NARF - Native American Rights Fund.
Native American Storytellers! The stories and poems posted here are the original works of the members of the Yahoo Group  Native American Storytellers
National Council On Family Relations - The Ethnic Minorities Section of the National Council on Family Relations.
NativeSearch - A Native American web search engine.
NativeTech - Tons of information about Native crafts.
ONABEN - Native American Business Network. Includes information on Native artists and traditional crafts.
Oskaboose - Gilbert Oskaboose's Column on the FirstNations web site.
Painted Arrow Gifts - Native gift online store.
Pine Ridge - Tim's page dealing with events at Pine Ridge as well as historical and recent issues related to treaty rights and obligations.
Pokagon - The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians web site.
Puelbo Center - Web site of the Pueblo Cultural Center.
SchoolNet - First Nations Business and Services on the web.
Seaconke Wampanoag First Nation - A nice web site on the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe and decendants of Massasoit's Tribe of Sowams, Pokanoket, Montaup, & the Seaconke plain.
Tucows - A great place to find downloadable software.
Turtle Island Printing Book Printing & Binding  T-Shirts  Brochures  Flyers Business Cards  Greeting Cards & Invitations
UNC - University of North Carolina's Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans (Lumbee, Cherokee, Occaneechi)
Support Our Troops The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma urges you to support the brave service men and women who have committed their lives in service to our country.  They appreciate any letters from home and/or care packages that you can provide.  Below are requests that we have received.

Guide to Senior Services by Administration on Aging

Very complete guide to online help for older Americans in many areas - Click


Money Matters - Getting Financial Help - by Administration on Aging

This page has lots of links to assistance with a variety of financial challenges faced by many senior citizens. - Click


Disability and Aging Issues – CMS

Links to answers on issues effecting disability and aging - Click


About Laws Impacting the Elderly

This is a great site for legal information and more. Click


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - From this home page you can go to Medicare of Medicaid information. Click^^


Help with Drug Costs

    Help For Those With Limited Income and Resources (CMS)

    Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Costs (SSA)

Government Site for Benefits

Site provided by federal government to see if you qualify for benefits from federal or state government. Click


Benefits Check-Up

Website by National Council on the Aging that helps determine benefits available to senior citizens. It’s a free service. Click

New site co-sponsored with government agencies provides extra help for low-income seniors to enroll in federal, state and private assistance programs. Click


Online Database Helps Seniors Without Drug Coverage Get Free Medicines

An online database introduced in March 2003 will help patients without prescription drug coverage access user friendly information about more than 1,400 medicines offered free through patient assistance programs sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and others.


State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs - As of March 2005 at least 39 states have established or authorized some type of program to provide pharmaceutical coverage or assistance, primarily to low-income elderly. Provides Free, Easy Nursing Home Comparison Tools


Home Healthcare Compare

Government site for information on home healthcare agencies - Click


Hospital Compare

Government site for information on hospitals in your area - Click


Nursing Home Compare - Medicare Website with detailed information on every nursing home in the U.S. - Click


How to Choose a Nursing Home – U.S. government site


Caregivers Marketplace - - Get cash back and discounts on caregiving products. Enrollment is FREE and confidential.


HUD Website on Senior Housing

A page with many links to information on housing for seniors citizens - Click


PACE Program – All-inclusive plan to assist the elderly by this government-backed non-profit group

Government Site on PACE -

PACE Website -


U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging

Consumer tips on Long-Term care - Click*


First Government for Seniors – Website by U.S. government, operated by Social Security, that helps seniors find government information. NOTE: In left column they provide links to federal and state agencies. Most states have agencies set up specifically to help seniors. Click


Full Circle of Care - Guide to local help
Includes a new section for caregivers and professionals to choose a state and directly link to that state's state aging agency, Area Agencies on Aging, ombudsman, health insurance information, disability resources, and elder abuse - including phone numbers. Click


Alzheimer’s Association

the Alzheimer’s Association has developed a unique Web tool that helps individuals find the right care options, from home and community-based care, to assisted living and nursing home care. Click. The Website for the association is


Someone to Live Free in Homes of Elderly in Exchange for Care

The National Home Share Resource Center offers a national directory of local organizations that sponsor Home Share programs. The basic idea is for an older person to provide free housing in exchange for free care.


Seniors 65+ May Qualify for Free Eye Exams

By age 65, one in three Americans has some form of vision-threatening eye disease, but many people do not know it. They may also not know they qualify for a free eye exam. More... 9/29/03*


Where to get records

This is a government provided index to where you order birth, death, marriage or divorce documents. Click Here


Federal Government Hotline for Any Questions

1 (800) FED-INFO (1-800-333-4636)


Complete Guide to Health Care Services for Seniors – How to find services and finance them. Inexpensive book from Amazon.




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Domestic Violence Resources State By State
 HopeLine If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, or call 911, your local hotline, or the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at

1-800-799-7233(SAFE) and TTY 1-800-787-3224.

If you think your activities are being monitored, find a safe computer that someone abusive does not have direct or remote access to. To leave this site quickly, use the Escape button.

Alabama  The Alabama coalition against domestic violence

Alaska   Alaska network on domestic violence and sexual assault.

Arizona - Arizona Supreme Court domestic violence information page.

Arkansas   Arkansas coalition against domestic violence.

California   California domestic violence and referral directory.

Colorado   Colorado coalition against domestic violence.

Connecticut   Connecticut coalition against domestic violence.

Delaware   Delaware coalition against domestic violence.

Florida   Information on DV in Florida.

Georgia    Domestic violence protection project for the state of Georgia.

Hawaii    Hawaii domestic violence resources.

Idaho    Idaho domestic violence and victim assistance.

Illinois    Illinois coalition against domestic violence.

Indiana    Indiana Domestic Violence and Support Services.

Iowa    The domestic violence intervention program.

Kansas    Kansas coalition against sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Kentucky    Governors office of child abuse and domestic violence services.

Louisiana    Louisiana coalition against domestic violence.

Maine: Passamaquoddy Peaceful Relations Domestic Violence Response Program The mission of Passamaquoddy Peaceful Relations is to effect change within our Tribal community where equality, respect and nonviolence become cornerstones of all relationships.

Maine    Maine coalition to end domestic violence.

Maryland    Maryland network against domestic violence.

Massachusetts    Police department resource and law site.

Michigan    Michigan coalition against domestic violence.

Minnesota    Minnesota center against domestic violence and abuse.

Mississippi    Police department resource and law site.

Missouri    Missouri victim assistance network, DV resources.

Montana    Montana coalition against domestic and sexual violence.

Nebraska   Nebraska domestic violence and sexual assault coalition.

Nevada    Office of the attorney general resources on DV.

New Hampshire - New Hampshire coalition against domestic and sexual violence.

New Jersey   New Jersey coalition for battered women.

New Mexico    New Mexico coalition for domestic violence.

New York    Office for the prevention of domestic violence.

North Carolina    North Carolina DV commission.

North Dakota    North Dakota Domestic Violence.

Ohio    Ohio domestic violence network.

Oklahoma    DV services in Oklahoma.

Oregon    Oregon coalition against domestic violence.

Pennsylvania    Pennsylvania coalition against domestic violence.

Rhode Island    Rhode Island coalition against domestic violence.

South Carolina    South Carolina coalition against domestic violence.

South Dakota    South Dakota department of social services and domestic violence.

Tennessee    Tennessee coalition against domestic violence.

Texas    Texas department of human services family violence program.

Utah    Utah domestic violence advisory committee.

Vermont    Vermont DV crisis and support services.

Virginia    Virginians against domestic violence.

Washington    Washington state coalition against domestic violence.

West Virginia    West Virginia coalition against domestic violence.

Wisconsin    Wisconsin victim resource directory.

Wyoming    Wyoming coalition against domestic violence and assault.


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