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We get a lot of requests for information on becoming a moderator in channel #Native-American on the NATIVECHAT.NET system.  A Moderator is someone who has volunteered to help new and inexperienced users with any issues they encounter while using a particular channel (such as #Native-American) or questions they may have about the NATIVECHAT.NET system.

Moderators also serve to discourage violations of rules that are in effect for the channel or network.  They are identified by the @ symbol in front of their nickname in the users list in mIRC or the Java web client.  Effective September 1, 2001 all new Moderators will be required to have a certain skill set in order to be appointed to that position.  New Moderators will be nominated by existing Moderators and must meet several criteria including:

A willingness to help others resolve common technical or procedural questions
A knowledge of IRC using mIRC and/or the Java web client
At least 18 years of age
A stable, friendly, even tempered personality
Common sense
Be a regular (4 times a week) visitor to #Native-American on NATIVECHAT.NET for at least 6 months
Be acceptable to existing Room Moderators

Room Moderators are frequently asked how to perform certain functions on the network. Ideally, they should have a good broadband connection so they can easily perform their duties and responsibilities as Moderators. They are also asked about rules and various non-technical problems encountered by users of the system.  Room Moderators must therefore be proficient in the following topics

How to register a nick
How to create a room/channel
How to register a channel
What to do if a nick or room password is lost or forgotten
Channel rules for #Native-American
How to change nicks online
How to Identify for a Registered Nick
Who to refer server related issues to
How to "Op" someone
How to "De-Op" someone
How to kick a user from the channel
How to use the Ignore command
How to Ban someone from the channel
How to UnBan someone from the channel
How to look up a User Profile
How to use the Whois command
How to start and stop Logging in mIRC and the Java interface
How to email a Log you create to another person
Suggested procedures for dealing with issues that arise in the channel
The procedure for members to follow to have pics posted on or removed from this site

If you think this is a job for you then make sure you talk with Shorty or MWolf so that your 6 months as a regular user can be documented.  And start reading the How To files!

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