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Exclusive printer of works by acclaimed Lėnape author Mčssochwen Tėme. His works can be purchased directly from us.We also offer books and publications by other authors, or historical documents, which are of historical or cultural significance


We have designed a collection of Native American themed post cards, in four series.

Famous Chiefs & Tribal Histories

Great Americans

Native American Humor

Cultural & Historical

These post cards feature famous chiefs and tribal notes, famous and important Native Americans through history, Native American humor, and cultural motifs and historical events. Such a project has never been attempted before and we are proud of it. This is a "living" collection and we will be adding new ones periodically. Whether you mail them or collect them, these are post cards you'll want to have.


We have designed and produced a line of T-shirts featuring famous Native Americans, Native American humor, and cultural motifs.

Many of these shirts feature original artwork or graphic designs by Native American artists.

We use major brand name shirts, and a quality heat transferring process, that assures that you won't find a better quality shirt at such reasonable prices as ours.


By arrangement with Leonard Peltier, we have designed a post card and t-shirt in his honor.  A percentage of the proceeds from these two items are donated to the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

We have also been commissioned by the Leonard Peltier Defnse Committee to produce a t-shirt in support of Leonard, which will soon be available from the LPDC.

Our Services


Many first time authors cannot find publishers for their works, and are forced to self publish, only to face astronomical printing costs. We offer affordable book printing and binding. Being authors ourselves, we are well aware of the high costs of self publishing, in fact, it was those high costs that led to our forming Turtle Island Printing. We want to help other young authors get their works printed and bound at costs they can afford.

We offer printing and comb binding for any type of book or booklet up to 600 pages. And we do it for substantially less than than other printers

This service is also excellent for: Student Thesis Directories Presentations

Manuals Special Occasion Memory Albums


We have a wide variety of styles available from major shirt manufacturers, assuring you a quality product. A full color catalogue of styles and manufacturers is available on request. We use a heat transfer process which gives a rich and long lasting design, whether it be black and white or full color. Let us print the shirts for your organization, team, company, or special event


We can print your brochures or flyers in B&W or full color on 20lb bright white or colored paper. For a polished, sophisticated look, we can print your brochures on high glossy, 2-sided HP Professional Brochure Paper. We'll set up your brochure or flyer for you using your photographs or graphics, or, if you prefer, we can use our own graphics library.


We can print your business or ID cards, or membership cards in either B&W or color. We use heavy weight stock, and can print up to 10 different cards on a single sheet. This makes an economical and practical way to print membership cards or ID cards After an initial order, we can print on demand, which means you can order as many or as few as you need.


we now have a gallery featuring native american artisans of all kinds....many of which we are the exclusive distributors for



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Mčssochwen Tėme

Jeanne White Owl

All of our printing services include disc and hard copy storage, so that any updates, changes, or future printings can be accomplished easily and economically.

We offer print on demand after an initial order. This means that no further minimum orders are required.....you can order as many or as few as you need, saving you money.

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