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Welcome to the #Native-American Members page!
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Eliza, is Nez Perce 22 years old and has done a huge amount of work on our Native Language Dictionary doing both the Nez Perce and the Apache Languages.

"wow, to be 30 years younger and know what i know now nativeChat admin"

Member: Eliz^45
Location: Eskasoni
Email: Eliz42_2001@yahoo.ca
Quote: 5 kids: 3 boys ages 25, 18, 14; and 2 girls ages 20 and 11.
Elize45 is a moderator in the cha


GhostWolf: is a moderator in the chat: Pony M.; 41 summers; (2002/2003) Male; Married, (Very Happily); and three wonderful great Boy's!!
Home: The high deserts of California - I like warm weather, what can I say.
Tribal Affiliation: Blackfeet/Choctaw Personal Quote's: "I'm off to lands long since forgotten to visit ancestors no longer remembered." - "If we're humble and true to ourselves, we listen to the hearts of others
graypaw.jpg (9829 bytes) Member: Graypaw
Member: HorseLover

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