Five Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

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Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

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There are times when it is necessary to consider obtaining legal counsel. Attorneys help when facing a matter of high importance with little experience. Filing for Social Security Disability is one of those times. This article gives five reasons you should hire a lawyer when filing for disability.

1.         The paperwork and deadlines are confusing and frustrating.

Filling out the forms and meeting the time various deadlines is tedious. Failing to file forms, records and appeals correctly causes delays and denials. The complexities involved are not easily recognizable. Sometimes important documents, such as medical records, will not be considered unless you provide them. An attorney who knows what records are valuable assures the important records are filed and prevents you from worrying about it. The process is frustrating for even experienced practitioners and can be overwhelming for inexperienced claimants.

2.         The laws and terminology are hard to understand.

Whether you win your claim hinges on of a complex set of rules. Usually the rules are subject to interpretation. Trying to research and learn how these laws impact your claims is a large job. The possible research is too great to allow further elaboration here. However, like the Internal Revenue Service, the Administration is a bureaucracy based on volumes laws. Unlike filing your taxes, filing for disability has implications far beyond one year.


       You need to focus on your health.

Filing for disability infers that you suffer from serious health problems. Consider what impact efforts to handle your own case will have on your health. Your symptoms may worsen and it is unlikely your condition will improve by filing on your own. It is important that you remain focused on the most important task, getting well. Speak to your doctors and family and get their thoughts. The importance of anything deterring your efforts to improve your health needs strong consideration.

        The judicial hearing.

Most claims receive denials at the first two levels. Following these stages is the hearing stage. The claimant must attend attending a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. You also must give sworn testimony and answer questions from the judge and possibly expert witnesses. It can be intimidating and uncomfortable. Because it is unfamiliar, claimants find it difficult to keep their composure and leave feeling they failed to express themselves adequately. An experienced attorney can be valuable in insuring that your testimony makes an impact.

       The costs are low.

The biggest concern is usually the cost. Understanding the fee agreement should ease those concerns. The Administration mandates that their approved contract for fees is the only agreement attorneys can use. An attorney receives 25% of the retroactive benefits with a maximum fee of $6000. Unlike a standard agreement found in matters such as personal injury, the fee agreement in these disability claims caps at $6000. Additionally, you never pay anything unless there is a successful resolution of your claim. When carefully considered, this is a good value for an experienced attorney to handle your entire claim for disability.