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Key To Apache Pronunciation

The vowels of Apache are the same as those commonly known as "continental." That is, they are quite similar to those of Spanish and other continental European languages. They are pronounced approximately as follows:

a -- ah
e -- eh
i -- ee
o -- oh
u -- oo


gah -- rabbit
beso -- coin
bigan -- his hand
cho -- large
hay -- where

The vowels are also often nasalized. Nasalization is indicated by a "hook" under the vowel. This is called an ogonek (from Polish),

-- somewhat like on, without completing the n
-- like en, without completing the n
-- like een, without completing the n
-- like own, without completing the n
-- like oon, without completing the n


bigh -- because
nkz-- time
kh -- building
nzh -- good
hat'gha -- why

Vowels can also be pronounced using high or low tones (lowering or raising of the pitch of the voice). Low tones are assumed if the vowel is not marked by the high tone symbol. The acute accent mark is used for the mark of the high tone.



isdzn -- woman
bsh -- metal
gd -- cat
gosdn -- ribbon
t -- water

Vowels are also often prolonged, indicated by doubling.

chaa -- beaver
izee -- medicine
piishii -- nighthawk
shiwoo -- my teeth
d -- spring

Credits to Eliza and Mario for their work and collaboration on the Apache Language page


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