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Visual Arts

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Edward Curtis: Selling the North American Indian - The ethnographic photography, film, and writings of Edward Curtis.

Lyon on the Rez - Photojournalist Danny Lyon captures life on reservations in the Dakotas, Arizona, and New Mexico. 13 black and white photos.

Native American Images - Extensive stock photography of Native American nations, history, ceremony, crafts and artifacts, equestrians, landscapes. Samples.

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American Indian Poetry - A compilation of Native American poetry on a single page.

Hershman John - The published works by Navajo poet Hershman John. Hershman generally writes about Navajo tradition yet weaves it around various other cultures.

Native American Poetry - A compilation from various poets.

Native American Poetry and Stories - A collection representing what life, the Earth, and the Creator meant to this race of people.

Native American Poetry by Single Woman - From the Tlingit Nation of Juneau, Alaska, USA. Slide show format.

NativeTech - A topically organized educational web site emphasizing the Eastern Woodland Indians region, organized into categories.

SCORE Teacher CyberGuide - A collection of teacher-designed, Web-searching activities for junior high students based on Native American poetry and poets.

Wings To Fly With Publishing - Poetry from Migrations creator Carol Snyder Halberstadt and other guest poets.

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Pottery And Potters
Ben Saxon - Hand-crafted pieces with soutwestern and Native American designs.

Distant Echoes Anasazi and Mimbre Pottery - No machines or potters wheels are used. The individual coils of clay are clearly visible in the corrugated pieces and each small indentation is an individual thumb pinch. Each piece is put through a real wood fire.

Karen Cordova Pottery - Traditional pueblo arts and pottery in Peñasco, New Mexico, USA.

Legend in Clay - Museum quality prehistoric pottery replicas by New Mexico artist Randy Werner and his wife Marlyn. Each piece is a limited edition.

Mata Ortiz Pottery - Museum quality pottery from the best artists in the village of Mata Ortiz. Casas Grandes and Mimbres Indians style along with new contemporary styles.

Native American Collections, Inc. - Online gallery of Native American contemporary pottery with information on the artists.

NativeTech: Pottery & Clay - Native American Technology & Art: a topically organized educational web site emphasizing the Eastern Woodlands region, organized into categories. Links to several pages on pottery and clay.

The Pottery of Maria Martinez - The biography and pottery collection of Maria Martinez and family.

Pueblo Pottery - Handmade pottery from the Pueblo Indian Potters of Hopi, Acoma, Laguna, Jemez, Santa Clara, and Zuni.

Susan Folwell - Traditional Santa Clara Pueblo pottery methods combined with forms from contemporary life. Site includes gallery and information about the artist's methods.

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Pow Wow
Aaron's Powwow Calendar - Calendar of upcoming powwows and other Native American events.

AllPowwows.com - Dedicated to all aspects of Native American Indian powwows and culture, including a powwow calendar and informative articles.

American Indian Events in Maryland - A descriptive list of native American pow wows and festivals in Maryland, with links to online resources and contacts.

Austin Texas Pow Wow - Updates on the Austin Texas Pow Wow and Native American Heritage Festival. Schedule and featured artists.

Becky Olvera Schultz's Powwow Power - Powwow history, meaning, etiquette and other related resources for natives and non-natives.

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation - Intertribal pow wow held August 18 and 19, 2001; 30 kilometers southwest of London, Ontario, Canada. Outdoor team dance and hand drum competition. Camping available.

Crazy Crow's Worldwide Native American Powwow Listing - World-wide listing of Native American Indian powwows & related events by month. Use our online form to add your event.

Eastern Kentucky Seventh Generation Benefit - Intertribal reservation fundraiser pow wow. Archive of past events, and schedule of upcoming dates.

Four Winds Pow Wow - Information on the annual Swiss Four Winds Pow Wow, organized in Lausanne by The Four Winds Association.

Frank Bush Memorial "Walk in the Spirit" Pow Wow - Traditional pow wow held annually in September at the Anishnabe homecoming grounds now known as Charlton Park in Hastings, MI. Photo gallery, trader directory, and upcoming event information.

The Gathering Begins - Gail Lang describes the ceremony, tales and legends of the annual pow wow of Edisto tribe of South Carolina. Article explains how the event serves to preserve traditions and offers a photos of the 1997 meeting.

Gathering of Nations - Federally recognized non-profit organization to promote Native American culture and dispel stereotypes. Includes information on 2000 Pow Wow, Miss Indian World, and Indian Traders Market.

Great North Winds Powwow - Vendor and event information for this traditional and spiritual gathering held annually in Manistique, Michigan.

Great Salt Water Veterans' Honor Powwow - Poster, vendor applications, and event information for the annual Jacksonville, NC powwow.

Indian Brave Campground Powwow - Family sponsored powwow with raffles, 5o/5o, giveaways, participant feed and free camping for registered dancers.

Iroquois Art and Culture Festival - The Chrisjohn's annual Iroquois Festival, featuring fine art and festivities.

New England Pow Wow Schedule - Schedule of 2001 pow wows and other events throughout the New England area and beyond.

New York Native American Indian Heritage Parade - Press photos of the first annual event held in Madison Square Park, sponsored by the Cherokee Blackfeet Nation of New Jersey.

NNDT Powwow Listings/Events - Listing of powwows and special events, designed to easily print in 97 Word.

Pennsylvania Powwow List - Listing of Native American events in Pennsylvania and some surrounding states.

Pow Wow Calendar - Schedule includes California, the Dakotas, Minnesota, New Mexico and other western states.

Pow Wow Review - Contributed content reviews of Native American pow wows. Also has a page of links to pow wow calendar listings.

Pow Wow Traditions - Detailed descriptions of dances, regalia, etiquette, from a dancer's perspective. Photos and links. Cursor following animation.

The Pow Wow Trail - Explains the history and cultural significance of the Pow Wow in native culture.

Pow Wows Around The World - Pow wow directory and information, as well as poetry, recipes, and a message board

The Powwow Editions - Contemporary photographic portfolio of Powwow dancers in full regalia.

Powwow Headquarters Huntsville Al - Indian Powwow news and meeting notices.

PowwowBound - Native American owned and operated company which lists Pow-wows events across the eastern United States and sells American Indian videos, books, and music.

PowWows.com - Online community featuring pow wow Calendar, drum database, chat, photo galleries, and links.

Rainbow Dancers - Information about the organization and calendar for five annual intertribal pow wows in Illinois, USA.

Red Earth, Inc - Red Earth, Inc. is an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote, preserve, and promulgate the rich traditions of American Indian history and cultures.

Rocky Fork Powwow - Two-day powwow in Southeastern Ohio. Drumming, dancing, story-telling, arts, foods and demonstrations.

Songhees Salish Pow Wow - Songhees Pow Wow of the Salish first nation in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Schedule, photos, competition results, links.

United San Antonio Pow Wow - United San Antonio Pow Wow purpose is to promote the traditions and culture of the American Indian in the most positive manner possible.

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Aleut Recipes - Small collection of recipes, most featuring seal.

Cherokees of California Cookbook - Eight traditional recipes contributed by the Cherokees of California.

Chuda's Kitchen - Aleut and Dena'ina recipes.

The Cooking Post - Tribal enterprise of Santa Ana Pueblo offering traditional and modern Native American recipes, including large number of blue corn dishes.

Hopi Cookery - Presentation of Juanita Tiger Kavena's cookbook, with excerpt and sample recipe.

Kwakuitl Recipes - How to catch and cook sea slugs, prepare halibut heads and fresh salmon, and the proper method to cook a whale.

Mountain Lion's Native American Cookbook - Sample the traditional delights of the Native Americans at Mountain Lion's stewing website.

Native American Recipes - Some of One Feather's favorite Native American recipes, such as Succotash and Blueberry Popovers.

Native American Recipes - Three bread recipes provided by Greg Flys With Eagles.

Native American Recipes - Two squash recipes and one for sage pesto, courtesy of Loretta Barrett Oden.

Native American Recipes - Recipe for pemmican, boiled corn, and wild green salad.

Native American Recipes at RecipeSource.com - About thirty recipes from Acorn Bread to Zuni Indian Bread.

Native American Recipes from Gutsy Gourmet - A collection of Native American recipes for soups, breads and hot sauces.

Native Recipes - Wiisiniwan - Large number of Native American recipes using traditional ingredients.

Native Smokes - Native American recipes, such as Apache Fried Rabbit, Bannock and BBQ Raccoon.

Native Way Cookbook - Cookbook of the Grandmothers - More than 250 traditional and modern recipes from many first nations, as well as instructions, and herb and plant encyclopedia.

NativeTech Food and Recipes - Extensive collection of Native American recipes submitted by site users.

Oogruk Flippers - From "The Eskimo Cookbook," prepared by students of Shishmaref Day School in Shishmaref, Alaska.

The People's Paths North American Indian Recipes - Collection of submitted recipes including many for fry bread.

Pitter's Cherokee Trails - Traditional and modern Native American recipes.

Traditional Native American Recipes Thanksgiving is known as the harvest festival when the Pilgrims celebrated the help of the native people of Americas. Many of America's traditional Thanksgiving dishes have their roots in Native American foods. Below are some traditional Native American recipes you may want to try at your next Thanksgiving dinner.

Rubaboo Recipe Corner - Recipes for such Métis dishes as pea soup, Li Galette and Pouchine au Sac.

Some Favorite Recipes - Native American as well as Italian recipes cooked and enjoyed by Wendell and Nancy Deer With Horns.

Three Sisters Cookbook - Cookbook with recipes for the three traditional Native American food crops: corn, beans, and squash.

Traditional Navajo Recipes - Small selection of recipes from Elaya K Tsosie, a native Navajo teacher.

Traditional Tsalagi Recipes - Recipes from the Southeast Kituwah Nation, such as Leather Breeches and Succotash.

Valley View School Grade 3 Project - This Saskatchewan, Canada elementary class provides recipes for Métis bannock and minsapwee.


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